Friday 19 December 2008

Time flies like an arrow...

fruit flies like a banana. An interesting collection of antique pocket watch papers. These would have been placed into the back of watch every time it went in for maintenance or repair. Most of the papers below are shown with their reverese side as many have small messages and dates written on the back. Click each image to see a bigger version.

Monday 6 October 2008


I found this interesting little box at an antiques fair. Inside are some small fragments of glass and a neatly written label describing the contents. The Cripplegate Fire took place in London on November 19th 1897 and started as a result of a gas engine exploding at 30 Hemsel Street at the premises of Waller, Brown & Co. The fire spread between Aldersgate and Red Cross Road. The total cost of the damage was estimated to be £5,000,000 but no lives were lost.